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Why Do You Buy? Logic or Emotion?

Have you ever taken part in that debate? The one where someone tries to prove that some product in their home was purchased for purely logical reasons, with no emotion involved?

They never can win. Even a kleenex becomes emotional when you can't find one. The same applies to choosing which brand to buy of all the choices available for most products. You choose the brand that makes you feel the best, even if it means choosing a specific brand of canned peas because once upon a time your Mother told you that to serve less meant feeding your family sub standard meals.

How does that apply to you as a marketer... or as an individual selling a used car or the snowsuit your child outgrew?

It means your first job is to show people how good they'll feel when they buy what you offer. Never mind the features, go first for the feelings. The features come later, as logical proof that they've made the right choice.

You might start your snowsuit ad with a verbal picture of a child staying warm and dry. The used car might be a big gas guzzler... but focus on how good it will feel when everyone can stretch out their legs... and how convenient it will be to take everyone in the same car on your next outing. might be a sporty little job that makes you feel like a kid as you zip down the freeway.

If you offer a cleaning service, talk first about how your customers will be free to pursue work or hobbies and still come home to a fresh-smelling, sparkling clean house where they can relax and enjoy the evening. Then go in to how you use environmentally friendly cleaners, remember to clean every little corner, and don't mind walking the dog while you're there.

Whatever you offer, remember that emotions create the desire and logic backs it up. You need both, but if all you offer is logic, it will be a tough sale. It isn't always easy. Sometimes you have to uncover hidden benefits that appeal to emotions people don't necessarily want to talk about.

Those are emotions such as pride, as in: "I have a cleaner house than my best friend. (And that means I'm a better wife.)" "My car is much cooler than my brother's. (And that means I'm going to get the girls.)" "My children are warmer... meaning I'm a better Mom or Dad. (And that means my own Mom is going to approve of me at last.)"

Dig deep, find those benefits before you start to write.

Happy writing!

...and if you decide you don't want to "Do it yourself" I'm as close as your phone or your email.

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