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"Why shouldn't your real estate career provide you with a fantastic income?"

It should, of course - but you have to take the right steps to make it happen.

The fact is, selling real estate is a tough job. With about one million Realtors working in the U.S., the competition for every commission is fierce!

But with a little effort, and my help, you can:
  • Be THE one in a million that buyers and sellers think of first.
  • Dominate your real estate market - listing more homes and serving more buyers than even your top competitor.
  • Spend less time (and gasoline) driving from place to place.
  • Spend less on real estate advertising - and get better results
  • Go home each evening with a smile on your face.

All you have to do is complete your education

Hi, I'm Marte Cliff, and if you're like me, your real estate education taught you all the basics about property, about forms and how to use them, and about following real estate laws. It left out one important element:

The Secret of Marketing in Real Estate

Marketing your services effectively should be a part of every real estate course. Instead, you're handed a license and told to "Get out there and sell."

You've already learned that at least a dozen other agents are after the same listings and buyers you want - and sometimes getting new customers and clients seems like only the "luck of the draw."

Forget luck. Take charge of your future today.

A few simple changes in how and where you market your services can bring dramatic results in both your income and your job satisfaction.

How do I know? Because I did it.

When I got my first real estate license in 1985 the market was in a downturn. Everything was for sale, but buyers were few and far between. Agents practically shoved each other out of the way to get at anyone who resembled a buyer!

But no one was marketing. I doubt that anyone had been taught to market. Everyone ran the same "homes for sale" ads in the local newspaper. Sometimes an agent ran a little block ad saying something really attention-grabbing. Something like their name and the agency they worked for and a line that said "Let me help you find your new home." Wow.

My broker knew a little - she always said "Put the reader in the home." The trouble with that was, we were supposed to do it in the space of a tiny want-ad.

By the early 90's I had read every book I could find on real estate marketing and was anxious to try some new methods. But I worked in an agency with a broker who insisted on "business as usual." So I got a broker's license and opened my own agency in 1993.

Other brokers laughed - until I took their customers

Who ever heard of a woman real estate broker? They predicted I'd last 6 months.

We fooled them - by the end of our second year we had captured over 50% of the market - competing against 6 other firms.

To accomplish this feat, I had to learn what no broker and no real estate class had taught: How to market effectively.

Do you know the reason why some agents fail - while others become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams

*Hint: It's a matter of focus and consistent action.

Introducing: Getting Clients

The book that will bring your real estate marketing efforts into focus and electrify your career - starting tomorrow.

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You'll learn:
  • One simple task that takes less than 10 minutes of your day and can raise you head and shoulders above your competition - and get buyers and sellers all over town talking about you.
  • Easy methods for becoming the recognized expert in your chosen niche.
  • How to select the niche that enriches your life and makes you wake up looking forward to each day at work
  • How to work with only those customers you enjoy
  • How to maintain "top of mind awareness" in your customers and clients - without being a pest
  • How to get other businesses in your area sending buyers and sellers your way consistently
  • How to slash dollars from your advertising costs - while still attracting more new business
  • How to hang on to the customers and clients you already have - and reap the benefits of their repeat business

What are three new listings worth?

How about 23 new listings?

What would it do for your lifestyle if you closed 2, or 3, or 4 times more sales to buyers?

What would it be worth to you if you could afford the luxury of firing an obnoxious client or customer?

My guess is that any one of those things is worth at least 100 or 200 times the cost of Getting Clients.

Only $19.95

And not only that, I'll guarantee your satisfaction. I know that if you use the advice in Getting Clients you will boost your income and your job satisfaction. But if you read it and decide it won't work for you, you can contact me for a full refund. Just write me at:

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Now that over 90% of home buyers are searching the web before they contact an agent, your web presence is all-important.

Look-alike websites give you the same chance at winning a new customer as floor day - pure chance, yet that's what most Realtors (your competition) are using.

Let prospects know why they should choose you with custom copy from Copy by Marte. Get a "Better Bio", choose a complete web package, or start with an attention-getting home page.

Then visit my prospecting letters page, where you'll find more than 25 sets of pre-written prospecting letters. Add a capture box to your website, offer a free report, and start staying in touch with prospects on a regular basis.

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